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Made with organic, non-GMO high-protein Dark Northern
Spring Wheat grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Hand-shaped, boiled, baked.


A bagel designed from the ground-up to exceed the standards of our favorite bagels in New York city and Philadelphia. This is a 0 compromise ultra-premium product. Priority was placed on flavor, texture, and toasting. After 170 revisions to the starting formula and production process, we arrived at a product with perfect seasoning, a chewy outside and a fluffy but chewy inside, and when toasted the texture becomes more pronounced with a thin crispy exterior.

The quality of these bagels consistently creates satisfied customers and generates buzz. Instead of using a bagel as a generic filler component for meal service, this becomes a memory for the guest. They will ask where the heck did those bagels come from?

Paulie's Bagels
Paulie's Bagels
Paulie's Bagels
Paulie's Bagels