Why don’t you make Jalapeno Cheddar?

Because I’m not evil.

Why organic?

In many cases, carrot vs organic carrot for example, organic is essentially insignificant. That changes when we talk about the large subsidy crops like soy, corn and wheat. At that level organic becomes a massively impactful decision that supports small business, local economies and sustainability. The production of commodity flour is a vertically integrated supply chain from seed to fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and milling. The farmers are essentially renting every single component of production from large agricultural companies and are paid pennies for production. It takes 50,000 acres of commodity wheat for one farmer to make $48,000 of income. When you buy organic flour you are giving small farmers the opportunity to succeed and participate in the economy. You are preventing massive environmental destruction through synthetic fertilizer runoff, herbicides, pesticides, and cross-breeding of GMO crops into the natural environment. You are supporting small business, local economies and sustainable agriculture.

More importantly: The customer! Glyphosates are now conclusively shown to cause severe digestive issues for a large percentage of the population, in addition to long term epigenetic disorders and cancer. When a customer eats one of our bagels you can be guaranteed they will not reflect on their consumption with thoughts of dietary upset and fatigue. This is not conspiracy theory, it is hard science that is readily available to review. The use of glyphosates has increased exponentially since the 1960s and they accumulate to a critical threshold in the human digestion system, causing a multitude of bodily issues ranging from light gastrointestinal discomfort to extreme pain and tissue damage.

When you buy Paulie’s Bagels you are choosing to buy a product designed and considered to the highest standard in all aspects. You are serving your guests an ultra premium product they will remember.

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